o   born in 1971 in Bern, Switzerland
o   Senior year in us high school, main emphasis on art
o   preliminary course at school of design lucerne
o   mba of geography from university of berne
o   working in the field of digital cartography and graphic design
o   extended family phase
o   2006 living in barcelona, spain
o   since 2013 focusing on art, taking i.a. classes at the school of design Basel (www.sfgbasel.ch)
o   creating crafts under own label
o   2017-20 studies at the visual art school in basel (www.visualartschoolbasel.ch)
o   2020 moving to new jersey, usa

my story

My earliest memories of painting go back to the wonderful painting corner in my otherwise rather spartan kindergarten barracks, where I spent much of my kindergarten years. Art in general was always present, whether through my parents' interest in art or through a painter and art collector friend in the neighborhood who even owned a "real Modigliani," which was of course something very special. The enthusiasm for painting and drawing runs through the entire childhood and youth. During an exchange year in the USA, the daily art lessons were the highlight. Accordingly, after graduating from high school, I took the preliminary course at the Lucerne School of Design. After a very intensive year, however, I lacked the appropriate further education, but also the self-confidence and the idea of an art career. A profession in the art world was a dream, but I did not believe in its successful realization. I also somewhat lacked the intellectual challenge at that time.

I decided to move to Bern, studied geography and then worked for many years in digital cartography and graphics. So at least I stayed connected to the visual field. Art was always important to me, however, and in my free time I painted and made pottery. There followed a period when I focused on my family and taking care of my three daughters. When I again had some time and energy for myself, I was able to give more space to my creative work. Art was always a passion and a part of me, and I realized how important it was to me. Under my own label, I created and sold art cards and works in concrete and wood. But the more handmade works were gradually replaced by painting. I attended painting classes with different artists and in 2017 to 2020 I studied at the Visual Art School Basel in painting and drawing. Since 2017 I have my own studio and can be found there regularly.
The move in the summer of 2020 to New Jersey in the USA, meant a caesura for me also in terms of painting. I decided to professionalize my art career and started exhibiting and selling my paintings. Before that, I felt too uncertain and too busy trying to find my own style and subject. More coming from drawing and naturalism, I found increasingly the entry into abstract art. The turning point was an exhibition in the fall of 2019, which was so inspiring that I have been painting only abstract since then.

It was a late entry into the art world, but which I now exploring with a lot of dedication, enthusiasm and joy. I realize that there is still much to learn and I look forward to the many opportunities and challenges. But the most important thing for me is to keep the joy of creating, to be grateful for this opportunity and to give something of it to other people. Thank you for reading <3

artist statement

My paintings are abstract, reduced in color and content and mainly reflecting emotions and atmospheres. I focus on balance without losing suspension, search for reduction without banality, always intrigued by universal concepts of form, mass, proportion, rhythm and structure.

The primary medium is acrylics and other media like ashes, stone dust or earths on canvas, although recently often also water media on paper. I explore the effect of deep color spaces, sensitive lines and marks, and the dynamic interaction of the different players. Experimentation is an essential part of my artistic process, and I always keep the door open for coincidences and surprises.

My artworks are quiet reflections on life’s beauty and fundamental simplicity.
They should provide a grounding experience and radiate a sense of calm, peace and serenity. They are an invitation to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and let the eyes rest and the soul linger for a brief moment of reflection and resonance.