The leaves glow in shades of yellow, ocher and red, orange pumpkins and vivid chrysanthemums adorn the house entrances, morning ground mists hover over the meadows, squirrels are busy hoarding nuts - nature retreats and prepares for winter dormancy. As always at this time of year, I oscillate between these two poles. The joy and absorption of the golden autumn colors, which is reflected in colorful paintings in rich, earthy autumn colors - and tuning into the quieter phase with more indoor time and the increased immersion in inner worlds, which produces monochrome, transparent rather quiet works.

Until Christmas, a selection of my paintings can be seen in the Harmony Brookside Gallery - a winning combination of tasteful boutique and small gallery - in Mendham. I am very happy to be part of this welcoming exhibition together with four other artists. Maybe if you are in the area you consider stopping by? ;-)